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Frequently asked questions:

1. I'm not sure whether to contact a Counsellor yet, what should I do?

If you are wondering whether you are ready, or if this is the right time for you to contact a Counsellor you are are already taking a huge step. The first step to making changes is knowing that, whenever you feel ready we'll be here to support you. 

2. What is the process to start sessions?

Well once you have made initial contact with a Counsellor, they will get in touch with you to book a consultation session. This is a chance to meet each other, after that if you did want to start 1:1 counselling sessions, you would have a clearer idea of what it's like.

3. How much will I have to pay?

Session prices depends on your age and circumstances. Take a look at the "Fees" section or get in touch to know more. Payments will be taken in cash at the end of each session.

4. How often will I see my Counsellor?

This depends on your circumstances, they can be weekly or every 2 weeks. 

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